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Enabling Godmode in Windows 7

Posted by RollyJohnP on September 28, 2011 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Working in a BPO industry, we first heard of Godmode only in Avaya (phone used by Call Centers due to its programmable features) where Real Time Analyst can have complete control on how Avaya receives call. Been using Windows 7 for a year now and it might be a good idea to really share this to you. 

Though, Windows 8 is almost done we won't be changing our Windows 7 for an OS yet to be tested fully. Godmode is actually a hidden access to all the controls on your Windows 7 OS. Though, we can access options in Windows through Control Panel, Godmode provides additional direct controls consisting of 39 menus and more than a hundred submenus all in one place. I do not recommend this on Vista as issues are found when this was attempted. Yet this works on all versions of Windows 7. 

To Activate this folder:

Step 1: Please choose which place you want this folder to show.
You can place this on your desktop for easy access though.

Step 2: Right Click.

Step 3: Click New then Folder.

Step 4: Name this folder GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} and hit enter. 

Step 5: Then  start your Godmode access by clicking the control panel icon. 

or watch this video below:


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New Nokia N9 Meego-based device.

Posted by RollyJohnP on June 21, 2011 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (0)

We are actually very excited with this new Nokia n9 version. It looks promising. This beautiful device's interface will surely make enthusiasts' hand itchy to try. Yes! It's not yet tested but this maybe available in the coming months of 2011. This would be the first time (and probably would be the last) that Nokia will be using  Meego platform knowing that for years and years they have been using Symbian and are planning to integrate Windows into its Smartphones. This Linux based Meego Nokia N9 is probably an introduction to the  incoming Windows 7 based Nokia probably be shipped by 2012. As an inroduction, it will provide the user an amazing experience to the user's interface, design and developer's platform. Unlike  Iphone, the User Interface has no button and and screen is AMOLED curved glass.Please check out the video and let us know what do you think of this new smartphone.



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Specifications: Nokia N9

Meego 1.2 based platform

3.9-inch curved glass AMOLED

1 GB of RAM,


8-megapixel camera

Carl Zeiss optics

720p video recording

Bluetooth 2.1

Wi-Fi  and GPS capable

Polycarbonate Case

Colors: Black, Cyan and Magenta.

Superb Facebook Skins

Posted by RollyJohnP on May 15, 2011 at 12:40 PM Comments comments (3)


The old Friendster way allowed us to fully customize our accounts from text colors to background themes to CSS and HTML inclusions that start from the basic to more complicated 3rd party applications. Most of us were so eager to make our pages astounding for viewers to see. 

What departs facebook from friendster and other social networking sites is the objective to give the focus not on beautifying or adorning each pages but to give focus on each ones daily activity. Now with more than 500 million users around the world, and people spending over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook, what started out as a college project has now become an indespensable daily routines. Its glory still unknown when to cease. Lots of social sites sprung recently but we just hope that they too will have their glory in contrast to the ending days of myspace and friendster.

However customizing our facebook pages is not really denied to us. In fact we have several sites to choose from. But I will be showing an extension best to use for both Firefox and Chrome. Personalize your facebook so to say. Its not only limited to this site but this application can also be used to jazz up your google or dress your youtube with different styles including removal of comments or ads.

The sample below is the Stylish DarkBlue Shiny and transparent design that you can also apply to your facebook page. To do it?

1. Download and install the firefox extension at http://tinyurl.com/3cwybk3  and/or the chrome extension at http://tinyurl.com/6xwrnjr.

2. Once installed, go to main page and start browsing skins/themes that you want.

  3. Click "Install with Stylish" for Firefox and Chrome. 


* For advance users you can do 'install as user script'.

* If you hate the ouput, look for another themes from the best and the newest gallery

and directly install to overwrite otherwise go to extension tab and uninstall Stylish. Enjoy.

- disclaimer:  This is browser based, saving the themes on your profile is not yet supported. Thus transferring from one computer to another will not show the selected theme. 

Email me at lastluke18@gmail.com for more questions and comments.

Fender Squier Electric Guitar: reason why it is the best guitar for beginners.

Posted by RollyJohnP on May 4, 2011 at 7:34 PM Comments comments (0)

Guitar playing is a skill that is acquired through constant practice. Great things follow after a humble start. For beginners it must be an inspiring start with the use of guitar not only as an instrument but also a source of motivation to exceed and that the basics are accompanied by a remarkable guitar the “Fender Squier Electric Guitar.”

Why is Fender Squier Electric Guitar the best guitar for beginners? Just place yourself in the beginner’s shoe, your answer will be first of all 1) Playability (look and feel), 2) guitar a beginner can be proud of (Quality), 3) and all these at lower Price. Playability means how user friendly the instrument is and it must be flexible with enhancements too. It should be easy to handle and enjoyable. Thus Fender Squier Electric Guitar while maintaining some of its classic features is engineered towards flexibility and comfort. A departure from the thick design of Fender’s Telecaster, the sleek contoured design of Squier is to allow perfect arm rest when played both in standing and sitting position. The lightweight property of the Agathis wood ensures mobility in practice session or even on stage. The dual cut on the neck allow grips and access to higher points on the fretboard (also known as fingerboard). The dotted frets allow easy recall on finger positioning. The Fender Squiers are intentionally created bright and clean to enhance also the look, the recalling of chords, the strings and their corresponding notes. The distance of the strings from the fretboard is also leveled and is still adjustable so that finger boarding is not entirely an agony. The unique maple headstock gives its look an overall impression that this guitar can deliver it. With pickups, switches, volume & tone controls, and optional variety of enhancements that a beginner can use, strumming of the strings for the first time won’t be hard.

However, playability is inadequate if quality is not observed. This guitar is manufactured by Fender with more than 60 years of guitar making experience whose products are signed by renowned artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Eric Johnson, Van Halen, and John Mayer to mention some. The design is not only to give it a very striking look but is driven towards comfort. Thus the woodcraft is excellent. The choice of Agathis wood not only delivers good sound but also adds more years to the guitar’s life as rotting resistance property of the wood is exceptional. Fender Squier is also designed in view of the Fender’s Stratocaster. Actually they are entirely the same, for the reason that Squier is a replica of the Stratocaster. Only that the latter uses higher materials which will cost more for a beginner should he decide to directly go for an upgrade.


As an entry level guitar for beginners Fender Squier Electric Guitar price ranges from $100 to $300. This won’t hurt the pocket at all in case stolen, lost, damage, loose of interest or to be given away as gift. Usually for beginners complete set is provided. The package usually includes Fender Squier Electric Guitar (ex. Squier SE Special Strat), amplifier, pick, tuner, cable, straps. Some offers might also include guitar stand, case or bag, and instructional DVD for beginners. Should modifications necessary or questions arise, online support forums and blogs are always available. To visit the official site, please go to http://www.squierguitars.com.

With playability, quality and lower price at hand, Fender Squier Electric Guitar is already a perfect piece to start.


NOKIA bleeding, on a burning platform...

Posted by RollyJohnP on April 10, 2011 at 2:33 AM Comments comments (0)

Last time, Nokia and Microsoft announces the alliance that will boost all the more the competition of smart phones. But this alliance is not actually to boost that competition but already a desperate way as Symbian and Windows phone are left behind by their competitors Iphone and open source Google Android OS. 

We woke up in the industry of cellular phones with Nokia leading the marketshare. There have been relationships formed, business grown, and occasions enjoyed  as Nokia continues to provide us the technology we wanted. And now, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop acknowledges they have been left by time as others continue to evolve.  "Consumer preference declined worldwide...in UK alone only 1 out of 5 users prefers Nokia (thegadgetfan)". It may not be evident yet in our country but worldwide it is. The next part is the circular memo for employess leaked from their CEO Stephen Elop.

Hello there,

There is a pertinent story about a man who was working on an oil platform in the North Sea. He woke up one night from a loud explosion, which suddenly set his entire oil platform on fire. In mere moments, he was surrounded by flames. Through the smoke and heat, he barely made his way out of the chaos to the platform’s edge. When he looked down over the edge, all he could see were the dark, cold, foreboding Atlantic waters.
As the fire approached him, the man had mere seconds to react. He could stand on the platform, and inevitably be consumed by the burning flames. Or, he could plunge 30 meters in to the freezing waters. The man was standing upon a “burning platform,” and he needed to make a choice.
He decided to jump. It was unexpected. In ordinary circumstances, the man would never consider plunging into icy waters. But these were not ordinary times – his platform was on fire. The man survived the fall and the waters. After he was rescued, he noted that a “burning platform” caused a radical change in his behaviour.
We too, are standing on a “burning platform,” and we must decide how we are going to change our behaviour.
Over the past few months, I’ve shared with you what I’ve heard from our shareholders, operators, developers, suppliers and from you. Today, I’m going to share what I’ve learned and what I have come to believe.
I have learned that we are standing on a burning platform.
And, we have more than one explosion – we have multiple points of scorching heat that are fuelling a blazing fire around us.
For example, there is intense heat coming from our competitors, more rapidly than we ever expected. Apple disrupted the market by redefining the smartphone and attracting developers to a closed, but very powerful ecosystem.
In 2008, Apple’s market share in the $300+ price range was 25 percent; by 2010 it escalated to 61 percent. They are enjoying a tremendous growth trajectory with a 78 percent earnings growth year over year in Q4 2010. Apple demonstrated that if designed well, consumers would buy a high-priced phone with a great experience and developers would build applications. They changed the game, and today, Apple owns the high-end range.
And then, there is Android. In about two years, Android created a platform that attracts application developers, service providers and hardware manufacturers. Android came in at the high-end, they are now winning the mid-range, and quickly they are going downstream to phones under €100. Google has become a gravitational force, drawing much of the industry’s innovation to its core.
Let’s not forget about the low-end price range. In 2008, MediaTek supplied complete reference designs for phone chipsets, which enabled manufacturers in the Shenzhen region of China to produce phones at an unbelievable pace. By some accounts, this ecosystem now produces more than one third of the phones sold globally – taking share from us in emerging markets.
While competitors poured flames on our market share, what happened at Nokia? We fell behind, we missed big trends, and we lost time. At that time, we thought we were making the right decisions; but, with the benefit of hindsight, we now find ourselves years behind.
The first iPhone shipped in 2007, and we still don’t have a product that is close to their experience. Android came on the scene just over 2 years ago, and this week they took our leadership position in smartphone volumes. Unbelievable.
We have some brilliant sources of innovation inside Nokia, but we are not bringing it to market fast enough. We thought MeeGo would be a platform for winning high-end smartphones. However, at this rate, by the end of 2011, we might have only one MeeGo product in the market.
At the midrange, we have Symbian. It has proven to be non-competitive in leading markets like North America. Additionally, Symbian is proving to be an increasingly difficult environment in which to develop to meet the continuously expanding consumer requirements, leading to slowness in product development and also creating a disadvantage when we seek to take advantage of new hardware platforms. As a result, if we continue like before, we will get further and further behind, while our competitors advance further and further ahead.
At the lower-end price range, Chinese OEMs are cranking out a device much faster than, as one Nokia employee said only partially in jest, “the time that it takes us to polish a PowerPoint presentation.” They are fast, they are cheap, and they are challenging us.
And the truly perplexing aspect is that we’re not even fighting with the right weapons. We are still too often trying to approach each price range on a device-to-device basis.
The battle of devices has now become a war of ecosystems, where ecosystems include not only the hardware and software of the device, but developers, applications, ecommerce, advertising, search, social applications, location-based services, unified communications and many other things. Our competitors aren’t taking our market share with devices; they are taking our market share with an entire ecosystem. This means we’re going to have to decide how we either build, catalyse or join an ecosystem.
This is one of the decisions we need to make. In the meantime, we’ve lost market share, we’ve lost mind share and we’ve lost time.
On Tuesday, Standard & Poor’s informed that they will put our A long term and A-1 short term ratings on negative credit watch. This is a similar rating action to the one that Moody’s took last week. Basically it means that during the next few weeks they will make an analysis of Nokia, and decide on a possible credit rating downgrade. Why are these credit agencies contemplating these changes? Because they are concerned about our competitiveness.
Consumer preference for Nokia declined worldwide. In the UK, our brand preference has slipped to 20 percent, which is 8 percent lower than last year. That means only 1 out of 5 people in the UK prefer Nokia to other brands. It’s also down in the other markets, which are traditionally our strongholds: Russia, Germany, Indonesia, UAE, and on and on and on.
How did we get to this point? Why did we fall behind when the world around us evolved?
This is what I have been trying to understand. I believe at least some of it has been due to our attitude inside Nokia. We poured gasoline on our own burning platform. I believe we have lacked accountability and leadership to align and direct the company through these disruptive times. We had a series of misses. We haven’t been delivering innovation fast enough. We’re not collaborating internally.
Nokia, our platform is burning.
We are working on a path forward — a path to rebuild our market leadership. When we share the new strategy on February 11, it will be a huge effort to transform our company. But, I believe that together, we can face the challenges ahead of us. Together, we can choose to define our future.
The burning platform, upon which the man found himself, caused the man to shift his behaviour, and take a bold and brave step into an uncertain future. He was able to tell his story. Now, we have a great opportunity to do the same.



Thanks thegadgetfan! 




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